Supplier Diversity Qualifications

IMGL5181Algonquin Business Interiors Inc. are proud of our First Nation heritage and work very hard to support the Aboriginal economy in every facet of our business operations. We qualify for many supplier diversity programs and would be happy to help your organization realize your triple bottom line goals. How? Algonquin Business Interiors strives to remain competitive to assist with your profitability. Algonquin Business Interiors will work diligently to ensure that our suppliers respect the environment in which we live. Finally, Algonquin Business Interiors is committed to social well-being of First Nation people in First Nation communities. By purchasing through Algonquin you directly contribute to our ability to do more in our communities and expand the local Aboriginal economy.

We are proud to be certified suppliers by the following organizations:

Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business
Certified Aboriginal Business Program (CAB)


CCAB’s CAB program certifies that Aboriginal businesses are 51% or more owned by an Aboriginal person(s). The CAB program ensures that Aboriginal businesses are easily identified by industry, government and other organizations and certified businesses.

Canadian Aboriginal Minority Supplier Council (CAMSC)
Certified Supplier


CAMSC’s thorough review of documentation and site visit provides CAMSC corporate members with the certainty that their investments in supplier inclusion are reaching the intended businesses. To be CAMSC Certified, Algonquin Business Interiors Inc. certifies:

  • we are 51% or more owned by Aboriginal person(s)
  • we are 51% or more managed and controlled by Aboriginal person(s)
  • we are a for-profit enterprise
  • we operate in Canada
  • we are owned by a Canadian or US citizen
  • we are able to operate as a supplier of products and services to other businesses.

For more information, please visit the CAMSC website

Procurement Strategy For Aboriginal Business (PSAB)


Algonquin Business Interiors are experienced suppliers to various government departments and have obtained the Following Standing Offer Agreement under the federal government set aside for Aboriginal businesses. We currently hold federal government standing offer agreements for the following products:

  • Freestanding Furniture
  • Office Seating

For more information on the program, please visit the PSAB website

Algonquin Business Interiors Inc. is proud to work with our suppliers to meet their diversity goals. Please watch the following short video as we grow together with our partners.


For many years, Union Gas Limited – One of Canada’s largest natural gas utility companies – has been working to create economic development opportunities within First Nations and Métis communities that will create a mutually beneficial and sustainable impact at the local community level. Algonquin Business Interiors is proud to be one of four Aboriginal businesses featured in this video that showcases how we are growing and bringing lasting value to Algonquin Business Interiors and the First Nation and Metis community.

Courtesy of Union Gas Limited

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