Joint Ventures & Partnerships

Algonquin Business Interiors Inc. relies on solid, mutually respectful relationships. We are proud of our partners and look forward to developing opportunities with them.


Algonquin Business Interiors Inc. has an excellent working relationship with our friends at Connect Resource Managers & Planners Inc. This relationship has helped us to build our business and maintain an excellent track record with our clients.


Algonquin Business Interiors Inc. also has a great working relationship with the team at Auspice Safety. Our working relationship supports our intermittent need for ergonomic assessments. Innovative workplace designs, products and technologies are reducing repetitive strain or musculoskeletal injuries. We partner with Auspice who offer industrial and office ergonomic assessments, program development and training for all employees.


Finally, we are very proud of our Aboriginal supplier, Four Directions Medical Supply Inc. They are a great company that are able to meet all of our occupational health and safety product needs.

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