About Us

Company Philosophy

“Algonquin Business Interiors creates business work environments that are worthy of the comfort and warmth of a home, while encouraging the productivity and professionalism of elite office professionals.”


Company Mission

“The mission of Algonquin Business Interiors Inc. is to grow and to give back. We strive to grow by offering the highest quality office furniture solutions for our clients. We strive to give back by being a strong participant in the provincial, Canadian, and most importantly, the Aboriginal economy of Canada.”


Our People Make The Difference – Meet Our Team

Michael S. Jacobs, B.Comm
President & CEO
Algonquin Business Interiors‎ Inc.

Michael Jacobs is a proud member of the Curve Lake First Nation and an accomplished entrepreneur. Mike has served as a public servant with Industry Canada’s Aboriginal Business Development Program and has been an active member of the Aboriginal community ever since. Mike has helped raise over $12 million in economic development funding for Aboriginal projects across the country and continually assists many Chiefs and Councils with strategic plan development, economic development, project implementation and overall general project mana‎gement.

Michael ‎became controlling partner in Algonquin Business Interiors Inc. in spring of 2014 and has led Algonquin’s increased participation in the national Aboriginal economy. Michael’s current focus is to raise the profile of Algonquin and to develop a First Nation employee base that can assist in the company’s overall growth. As the company grows exponentially, Michael leads the team of professionals that give Algonquin an advantage over our competition.

Reach out to our team directly through our company President & CEO Michael Jacobs @ mjacobs@algonquingroup.ca

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